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What can your DNA do for you?

A whole lot. You are an individual, with your own unique genetic code that alters the way you respond to the nutrients in food, beverages and supplements. That’s why certain diets work for some people, but not others. We use this data to provide key answers to discovering your best self – when you adopt a DNA-based diet you are literally fulfilling your body’s needs to lose fat, improve energy and optimise digestion.

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Eating The DNA Way was created by Rachel Clarkson, the UK’s Leading Board certified Consultant Dietitian and University Lecturer in DNA-Based Nutrition – an expert you can trust!




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Good-bye one-size-fits-all

Hello personalised nutrition. National dietary guidelines help lead the general population to better health, based on a study’s average. And there lies the problem – we are not ‘average’ and one size definitely does not fit all. We uphold that no two people are the same and use pioneering science to treat you as an individual, not a statistic. Click here to Eat The DNA Way!

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Discover how eating The DNA Way® can:

  • Help you lose fat for good
  • Reduce risk of disease
  • Improve Gut health
  • Boost Energy
  • Optimise Sleep
  • Support immunity
  • Enhance Mood
  • Sharpen Memory
  • Support Fertility
  • Balance hormones
  • And much more…

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Learn more about the science that underpins The DNA Way:

1. The Doctors Kitchen podcast –  ‘Eating with your Genes!’

2. Rhitrition podcast – ‘Managing our weight’

3. The Dietitian Cafe podcast – ‘Personalised DNA Nutrition – Fad or the Future?’

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"I've learnt so much from Rachel's consultations - how to nourish my body and all-around health. Personalised recommendations based on my DNA test made me think differently about what I put into my body. I feel more motivated than I have in years."
Joely Walker - Grazia Beauty Editor
"I was thoroughly impressed by Rachel's in-depth analysis of my state of nutrition using next generation techniques. As a result I feel better informed of how to optimise my health. Among medical professionals Rachel really does stand out given her wealth of knowledge and I recommend her highly!"
Dr Benji Dhillon - Cosmetic Surgeon
"I sought Rachel’s help after years of constant bloating and pain associated with food. With Rachel's guidance, we were able to devise a specific program of what foods and in what quantities I'm intolerant to. I discovered so much about my body and I am back to enjoying food without worrying about the consequences!"
Tara Vaitiere - Former Miss Universe Great Britain
"Rachel explains the complicated science around food and health in such a simple way. After a few sessions I had aquired strategies to overcome barriers to weight loss with personalised recommendations based on the food I enjoy eating. I've never felt lighter, or healthier."
Mo Mobasseri - Cosmetic Dentist
"I am extremely impressed with Rachel’s knowledge in nutrigenomics – she also has a solid grasp of the clinical application"
Professor Ahmed El-Sohemy - Department of Nutritional Sciences
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