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  • Weight loss
  • Longevity
  • Digestive

Katherine & Andrew

were at the end of their tether with diets that promised long-term weight loss

“I’ve lost 2 stone eating The DNA Way and it’s changed my life because I don’t think I’ll ever diet again”. 

“This is the first time she really has felt that she’s made a transformation and she’s changed her entire body shape in a way that she never achieved with any other diet – we’ve been surprised but delighted about how good the results have been”.


"I'm losing weight and I don't have to worry about what I'm eating anymore!”

“Yo-yo dieting has been part of my life for years, constantly stressed about what to eat and unhappy about my weight. I’ve finally found a diet and lifestyle that consistently gets me results, with food that I love that I see as a lifestyle rather than a diet.”


"My body fat percentage is constantly moving in the right direction”

“I have had so much success just with more knowledge about what my body needs. This is the first time I’ve felt in control of what I’m eating – it’s a lifestyle and this is how I’m going to eat forever!


"The changes in my body are quite drastic in only 6-8 weeks!”

“No matter how much I used to exercise or eat healthily, nothing really changed. Since eating the DNA Way I feel incredible… I feel healthier and happier and I have more energy! It’s life-changing!


felt stuck about what her body needed, wondering how to get healthier after gaining a lot of weight during Covid lockdown

“Eating The DNA Way has helped me lose nearly 2 stone and become much healthier. If you want a long term plan that may offset disease in the future, I’d really consider this as it gives you a reset of what you need for your health concerns and goals!”


"I achieved my goal weight, my energy is great and my bloating is gone!”

“I used to be so disheartened – feeling I was eating really well and I still not seeing the results I wanted. What I really like about the DNA Way is that you aren’t calorie counting, you just understand your perfect portions!


was struggling to take things to the next level with his performance and wanted to lose stubborn fat

“I’ve had an amazing experience with Rachel – she’s taken me from zero to one hundred! My energy levels are higher, I think differently, I’m able to do things with my exercise that I haven’t been able to in a long time and I’m a lot leaner!”


"I learned how to lose weight for my body in a very easy way!"

“Understanding the foods that are right for me with The DNA Way has helped me to lose weight without a strict diet – even when I was on vacation! I’ve been able to maintain my new weight also which is the most important thing to me!”


"I've noticed a massive improvement in my energy, and digestion - also losing 15 pounds along the way!”

“I feel great knowing what foods are good for me and which ones will trigger bloating and other symptoms… if you’re thinking about eating The DNA Way I’d say it’s so worth it!


“This is the first time I’ve ever seen huge changes in my body and in my digestion!”

I look a lot healthier, my skin is glowing and all the bloating is gone. If you would like someone who is very kind, experienced, intelligent and very good at their job, working with Rachel is a no-brainer!”


was confused about her unique dietary requirements for longevity, digestive health and energy

“Removing certain foods healed my gut and brightened my energy. I had a goal to improve my sense of vitality, clarity, thinking and mood and I now know what foods are great for me – I have a tremendous understanding of how to set myself up for success!”


was suffering from severe IBS that affected her day-to-day life

“After following The DNA Way I now know my intolerances and my IBS has been easily solved and I also know foods that I need more of to optimise my my food and energy”


wanted to invest in his health after feeling like poor concentration and bloating were affecting him

“Since eating the DNA Way I’m able to concentrate much better and don’t have any digestive discomfort. You know everything that you’re eating is absolutely in line with who you are and how your system copes with various nutrients. I feel better at the end of each day!”


was struggling with bloating, low energy and sugar cravings before eating the DNA Way

I have noticed a significant change in my body and my bloating is gone. My energy levels have even improved by altering my diet based on what I should be eating. My journey with The DNA way has been incredible – I can’t tell you how much better I feel!”


wanted to know how she could support longevity - reducing her risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Rachel was able to hone in on the DNA results and my lifestyle information to be very clear about the day-to-day changes I needed to make with my food choices. I can assure you that Rachel knows her stuff!”


wanted to know what to eat to reduce his blood pressure and live longer!

Andy was over the moon when the small changes he made to his diet improved his blood pressure! These changes were personalised for him based on his DNA profile so he could be confident that they would have the desired effect. Andy is now Eating the DNA Way and loving it!

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