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Workplace Wellness

Elevate your employee satisfaction and performance with Rachel’s compelling corporate wellness packages.

Already have a wellness program? No problem

Rachel’s talks are structured to complement, enhance and provide that vital missing link – scientifically proven methods uniquely tailored to your individual business needs.


Eat Smarter. Work Smarter.

Rachel’s scientific methods and unique approach to health and wellness can increase staff retention rates, reduce absenteeism, and boost overall productivity.

The NHS fully supports corporate wellness programs and recognises that happy, healthy employees are more productive.

Healthy eating improves performance

Want to tap into your employees needs and enhance your workplace culture? A personalised wellness program may be just what you need.

"Rachel created an effective wellness strategy for both our New York and London office. I'm extremely impressed with the level of knowledge she shared in the one-to-one and lunch time group talks. Her initiatives have elevated our wellness culture and enhanced focus and performance within the team."
Reza Merchant - CEO, The Collective
"Wellness and holistic nutrition is at the core of our culture and values since we follow Ayurveda principles in our workplace. Rachel engaged our team through educational sessions based on her unique approach of personalised nutrition techniques using genetic analysis. This methodology takes holistic nutrition to the next level."
Magdalena Satori - Chief Creative Officer, The Assemblage, New York
"Rachel goes way beyond general nutritional advice and into personalised solutions that take into account both genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors which makes her stand out in this field"
Professor Ben Thomson - Chairman Planet Organic
"Rachel’s informative wellness talks inspired our team to choose healthier food to support their productivity, efficiency and mental health. Her ability to translate high-level science into easy to understand and engaging talking points was well received - I would highly recommend Rachel if you want a more productive and healthier team!"
Andrew Jobes - Commercial Director, Hakkasan Group

Gold-standard initiatives

Rachel has been highly trained in Gold-standard Workplace Wellness initiatives by The British Dietetic Association, using proven evidence-based strategies. A full Nutritional Needs Assessment of your business will ensure that initiatives are personalised to your employees. These interventions are monitored and evaluated in order that you see your return on your investment.

Wellness packages

Rachel offers both in-person and virtual corporate wellness packages targeting specific areas of concern amongst employees in the workplace.

Health Communication

Rachel is passionate about real science being portrayed correctly in the media.

As a registered Dietitian with clinical and research background, Rachel would be delighted to assist with any health communication needs you may have.

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