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You can arrange your consultation at our Harley Street London practice or via video call — wherever you are in the world.

One-on-one nutrition counselling

Whatever your health goal or medical condition, you don’t just receive a diet plan — Rachel works with you to tailor your diet to suit your life and include foods you enjoy!

An understanding of the body’s physiology, biochemistry and nutritional science, allows for simple yet effective dietary advice and education, giving you the confidence to achieve your goals.

Rachel offers a number of different counselling packages including dietary, body and genetic analysis, nutritional education, personalised diet plans, lifestyle support and progress tracking over a series of visits, in person or video call. Packages are flexible and dependant on clients needs on a case by case basis.

What to expect?

During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your individual needs. We are guided by you and your aims with no judgement.

The initial consultation will include:

  • A thorough assessment
  • Optional Full body analysis using clinical grade Tanita technology.
  • Optional personalised genetic analysis – find out more here
  • Practical personalised Nutrition advice – based on up to date high quality scientific evidence
  • Supporting literature
  • A personalised action plan
  • The opportunity to ask any questions you may have
  • A discussion about how many sessions you might require to meet your goals.

During the consultation you will be asked questions about your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history – Your current, previous and family history
  • Weight history – to establish Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight goals
  • Eating Patterns

Our tests can help you learn how your genes can affect:

  • Cardio metabolic heart health
  • Nutrient metabolism
  • Weight management
  • Food intolerances
  • Eating habits

Personalised Nutrition

Rachel specialises in the groundbreaking science of Nutrigenomics, studying the relationship between you genetics, nutrition and health. Your genes can influence your nutritional status which directly impacts your health.

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight or optimise your performance, we are all beautifully unique and deserve individually tailored dietary advice.

Nutrigenomix® genetic testing is exclusively provided by board certified experts in the field. This FDA approved test has been developed by Harvard trained world-renowned Professors at The University of Toronto.

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How does it work?

How it Works

A small saliva sample is sent to our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs


Cutting edge technology analyses your DNA at the University of Toronto


Explanation of your report with personalised dietary recommendations based on your unique genetic profile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nutrigenomics?
Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others to certain foods. For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming certain dairy products, while other individuals can consume dairy with no problems. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume.
Can my test results be bad?
Our tests analyze DNA for genetic variants that affect your response to the foods and beverages you consume. The test does not predict or diagnose any disease or health condition. With the information from your test results, your Dietitian will be able to provide you with dietary advice tailored to your individual genetic profile.
How long do I need to follow the advice for?
Your test results are not intended to form a short-term "diet". The information provided in your report, combined with the nutritional plan created by your healthcare professional, will empower you with knowledge so that you can continually make the best dietary choices on a daily basis.
How long will it take to get my results?
Once our laboratory in Canada receives your saliva sample from your Dietitian it should take approximately 2 weeks for the analysis and recommendations to be formulated. Your Dietitian will contact you once they receive the results and set up a time to discuss them with you.
Who will have access to my genetic test results?
Only your Dietitian will be able to access your genetic test results through the Nutrigenomix Portal. Your DNA kit is marked with a unique barcode, which is what we will use at our facilities to analyse your sample. All genetic data is sent through a secure 256-bit encryption server.
What will happen to my DNA sample?
Your sample will be stored in our secure, controlled-access facilities and labeled only with your unique barcode. As new discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics are made, additional information may be added to our test reports and new panels with additional cutting-edge information could be available to you. You are able to request your sample to be destroyed at any time.

Family nutrition

We understand that nutritional requirements change during each life stage. Rachel can help you understand how to ensure everyone in your family is eating optimally for their age.

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Full Body Analysis

Our Tanita Full body analysis can report on your:

  • Body Fat Range
  • Visceral Fat around your organs
  • Metabolic Age
  • Segmental Measurements of fat and muscle
  • Body Water %
  • Bone Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Physique Rating
  • Daily Calorie Intake

See an example of a full report here.

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Other Services

  • Supermarket tours
  • At home fridge and cupboard make-over
  • Nutrition concierge service
Book a Service
15 min Discovery Call

During this Discovery call with Rachel you can discuss your needs and identify the most appropriate service for you. Click to book yours now!


Most packages include:

Clinic consultations

Consultations & your initial assessment will be at our Harley Street clinic (find out what to expect here).

Video call consultations

For your convenience, alternating consultations can be carried out via video call.

Ongoing support

You will be supported throughout between your consultations via email and whatsapp

Extensive wellness analysis

Comprehensive Nutrigenomic analysis (find out more here), optional finger prick blood test and clinical grade body scan (find out more here).


Access to our secret Facebook group where you can support each other on your health journey in addition to access to learning videos and monthly Facebook lives by Rachel


Please note that length of treatment will vary between each individual — tailored treatment packages can be created to suit your specific needs — please contact us for more information.

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