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Blog, Press & Media

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Weight loss 17/02/2022

The ultimate guide to smart snacking for weight loss

Don't be fooled into thinking that you can't snack and lose weight at the same time...

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Longevity 25/08/2021

Reduce your cholesterol & live longer and healthier

A lot of people don’t know that all cholesterol isn’t bad!

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Digestion 20/08/2021

Healthy gut 101: Do you need prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics & postbiotics?

Improving gut health is top of the agenda for many and rightly so.

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DNA Science 14/08/2021

Advances in Personalised Nutrition & DNA Diet test controversies

DNA testing an extremely saturated market, with every man and his dog starting a company based on a ‘groundbreaking DNA diet test’

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DNA Science 10/08/2021

Read this before taking a DNA test

It can be overwhelming when choosing a genetic test that is right for you.

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Longevity 08/08/2021

The DNA Diet that Determines how much coffee is healthy for you!

“Your next coffee could be your last''

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