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Blog, Press & Media

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DNA Science 17/08/2020

Listen to the scientists… “Out with general dietary advice and in with a Perfectly Personalised diet based on your DNA!”

Have you ever wondered if you would find a type of diet that you could follow long term? Well, scientists may have found the solution to our problem!

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Digestion 04/08/2020

Why you may be more dehydrated than you think & quick tips to stay hydrated this summer!

Water is a crucial element for life and even small variations in body water can compromise health – especially energy!

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Longevity 06/07/2020

3 convincing ‘Immune boosting’ wellness hacks to stay away from!

Attempting to ‘boost’ your highly intelligent immune system may cause more harm than good!

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Weight loss 01/04/2019

Carbohydrate Confusion: Separating Fact from Fiction

Carbohydrates have received a lot of bad press, and over the years people have mistakenly believed them to be unhealthy, fattening and...

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Digestion 19/02/2019

Food Intolerance Testing: Is it Scientifically Sound?

More and more people are unnecessarily eliminating foods from their diet as the result of unreliable and unscientific food hypersensitivity tests.

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