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Dietologist London


Rachel Clarkson, the DNA Dietitian, is an expert in dietology who uses the science of Nutrigenomics to provide truly tailored advice.

Whether it is for general health, for a specific goal such as seeking a diet that will boost fertility, or to help manage a health condition, a dietologist in London is a highly qualified professional who can help you achieve your aims.

All dietologists, or dietitians, in the capital will offer a superb service and are fully trained to help with any issue where diet can have an impact.

Dietologists also work with other healthcare professionals, thus ensuring that a holistic approach is provided and any recommendations fully factor in any other medical advice.

However, given that every dietitian in London would provide an excellent service, why consider Rachel Clarkson, how does she stand out?

Fully Personalised Dietary Advice

Rachel Clarkson stands apart because of her embracing of Nutrigenomics and fully tailored dietary advice based on the individual’s genetic make-up.

This service does not replace how a dietitian would traditionally work, it builds on it to provide the expert with far more information about the individual thus ensuring that any diet can truly be tailored to their needs.

Rachel is still qualified to the highest levels, she is an experienced dietitian who has worked for the NHS and holds a private practice on Harley Street. She holds guest lecturing positions and is qualified to Masters level and has been extensively published.

On top of that though she also specialises in Nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics removes all guesswork – or educated guesswork. 

Traditionally a patient would have a cause for concern or a goal and there would be a requirement for diet to be tailored to these ends. The dietitian would study the patient’s medical history, they would consult with other professionals as appropriate and they would build this tailored diet.

It would often then be necessary to review and refine, to improve this diet. The plan has been built on the best knowledge available, but it was not possible to look inside the person, to see what their genetic make-up is or how their body is predisposed to react to the many nutrients and food types.

Until now that is.

Nutrigenomics sees a sample taken and this is then analysed in an expert laboratory. 

From this, detailed information is gained about the individual, information that would have been impossible to ascertain. Most importantly, this information further shapes the diet produced by the expert.

The findings can, for instance highlight intolerances that would otherwise have been difficult to detect, but nevertheless impact health.

The findings can show how any one person needs to balance food stuffs – for instance how much of their diet should be protein, vs carbs vs fat.

The full report – as can be seen in the sample – contains a level of detail that would be overwhelming to those without training in dietology. This is where it combines with the skill of a dietitian who has specifically also trained in Nutrigenomics.

View example report

The nutrigenomics, which is FDA approved and was developed by world renowned professors adds extra nuance, it ensures the dietitian has more information so as to tailor the diet that bit more and make it truly bespoke.

It is also not essential for any client of Rachel Clarkson’s to have the Nutrigenomics genetic assessment, it is simply an additional service.

Conditions Treated

A dietitian in London will be able to help any patient with a wide range of issues, these include but are not limited to:

  • Medical conditions. Whether it is a condition with clear and obvious links to diet, or one where diet can play a role in managing symptoms and improving overall health and enhancing the recovery process, a dietitian can work with the patient to create a bespoke dietary plan.A dietitian will work with people across a huge range of conditions, these include diabetes, high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome, HIV and many, many more.
  • Weight management – whether it is for healthy weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight, a dietitian can ensure you achieve these aims in a way that is also healthy. They will improve your diet whilst also tailoring it to your weight requirements.
  • Coping with food intolerances. Dietitians are hugely experienced in helping those with food intolerances and creating bespoke diets that cater for all needs. It is worth noting that the Nutrigenomics testing will often identify food intolerances that may otherwise have been hard to identify and so the diet can also be altered to factor these in.
  • Cancer treatments. Diet can play an important role in helping those with cancer as a range of professionals look to optimise treatments. A dietitian will work in tandem with other professionals to create a dietary plan based on your individual requirements.
  • Digestive problems – issues such as IBS, constipation and coeliac disease are common complaints that any experienced dietitian will have encountered in their professional capacity many times. However, they will also always factor in the individual needs of that patient, a dietitian’s job is not to use a one-size-fits-all type approach.
  • General health / Pregnancy / sport – Often people visit a dietitian not to manage a specific medical condition or complaint, but instead to seek to manage their diet to keep themselves as fit and healthy as possible.

This may be for general health reasons, but it can also be for fertility, or during or post pregnancy. Many professional sport players, or keen amateurs also seek advice from a dietitian as they look to find a diet that can give them the energy they require.

Finding the Right Dietitian

With so many superb dietitians in and around the capital it can seem that there is almost too much choice. Who to choose?

To help you decide whether Rachel is the expert you want to entrust, she offers free introductory calls, whereby you can chat, explain your requirements and get a sense for whether she is the dietitian for you.

The call is completely without obligation – simply have it and then decide post call, at your leisure whether to book in any sessions.

Please book your free call by using the link below.

Book a free discovery call.

About Rachel Clarkson, the DNA Dietitian 

As the DNA Dietitian, Rachel Clarkson is at the forefront of the move to genetics-based dietary advice.

She has universally five star reviews and two of her most recent testimonials state:

“Rachel helped me change my eating habits and have much more awareness of what I put into my body. My digestion has completely changed and I am very grateful! I feel so much more knowledgeable now and would recommend her to anyone not only wanting to help with the loss of weight, but also to have a healthy approach in life”

“Would highly recommend Rachel to anyone seeking to improve their health! I found my genetic analysis to be an empowering and motivating tool to make healthy changes using Rachel’s techniques. In just 3 sessions I feel more in control of my health and feel like I have the knowledge to filter through all of the poor nutritional information I hear so much in the media!”

If you want to see if Rachel is the dietitian for you, why not book a free 15-minute discovery call? 

This will be an opportunity to chat with Rachel, discuss your requirements and also find out more about  DNA diets and their benefits for you.

Book a free discovery call.

Location of The Clinic


Rachel’s clinic is based in London’s Harley Street.

Harley Street is famed throughout the world for its prestigious medical treatments and is conveniently located to many famous places of interest like Madame Tussauds, Regents Park, Hyde Park and The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Rachel treats patients from all across the capital and people outside too. See below for directions from London’s main train stations

Directions from Euston Station 

Directions from King’s Cross St Pancras Station 

Directions from Paddington Station 

Directions from Victoria 

Directions from Waterloo 

Directions from Liverpool Street 

Directions from London Bridge

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