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Genetic Nutritionist: Your Guide For Better Health


Genetic Nutritionist: Your Guide For Better Health


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel like an impossible challenge at times. Finding the balance between life and work can be overwhelming, and lead to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. In such situations, a genetic nutritionist like Rachel Clarkson can help. 

A genetic nutritionist can offer expert guidance and personalised advice that can be the key to a healthier, happier life, no matter where you are in the UK. 

We all know that work and personal commitments can leave little time to focus on nutrition, exercise and overall well-being. 

If you’d like to improve your health and well-being with the help of a genetic nutritionist, get in touch with Rachel Clarkson’s team today to book a consultation.


Why go to a genetic nutritionist?


Throughout the year, in an attempt to lose weight, people risk their health following fad diet plans. These fad diets do not consider research or variants that may impact weight loss or fitness. Many questions are left unanswered without the professional insights of an expert with experience in the field of health and wellness. Within a short period, individuals may end up causing injury or lack energy because they are missing the vitamins, minerals, and fitness ideas from a balanced action plan.  

A genetic nutritionist can do tests to see what supplements and nutrients you require based on your gene test. They can account for your individual health goals and requirements while keeping in mind factors connected to diseases and your level of caffeine metabolism, for example.  

Plus, any genetic issue – such as cholesterol, heart disease, or blood pressure – will be accounted for when creating the right plan for patients. 

More importantly, a genetic nutritionist means support from qualified health professionals throughout the process. The quick responses if problems occur could lead to the positive effect(s) you hope for, without the need to completely change your lifestyle. 


Rachel Clarkson: Top genetic nutritionist


Rachel Clarkson is one of the UK’s leading experts on nutrition and diet. She is a registered dietitian who specialises in creating health plans based on her clients’ DNA. In her own words, she “takes the guesswork and stress out of what to eat with a bespoke diet and lifestyle program specific to your DNA to help you achieve your goals, without giving up your lifestyle.”  

What sets Rachel apart from other dietitians and nutritionists is the way she combines her extensive knowledge of eating and living healthily with genetics. As a Nutrigenomic Dietitian, Rachel uses DNA testing to unlock the secrets of what foods and behaviours work best for your body, no matter what your age, gender and current health levels. She combines this with her warm, person-centred approach and a deep understanding that eating plans need to be compatible with people’s preferences and daily lives if they’re going to work.

As a registered dietitian, Rachel is also qualified to work in medical settings, and she is expertly placed to help clients with a range of health issues get back to feeling and being their best.

Rachel sees clients either online or in person at her clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street. Some clients may prefer a blend of the two.

If you are looking to be healthier, understand your body, and take steps towards an improved life, then book a consultation and let’s get started on your path to a healthier feeling. 



Rachel Clarkson’s DNA dietitian method 


When you work with Rachel and her team, your DNA is interpreted and converted into straightforward advice and a bespoke programme that is simple to follow. The analysis of science related to your genes will provide us with ways in which we can help individuals at the DNA Dietitian. 

Rachel uses an FDA-approved nutrigenomics test developed by world-renowned Harvard-educated professors at the University of Toronto.

Your plan incorporates how fast your body metabolises certain foods, and which foods can trigger irritation or intolerance. The food recommendations will take into consideration the DNA test results and the information from your report. Your DNA never changes, so once you receive your dietary guidelines, you are set for life.

Rachel’s DNA testing works in connection with her nutritional training and experience to provide a fully-rounded understanding of the right foods and best eating habits for you. 


What happens after the counselling? 


At DNA Dietitian, we want to make sure that our patients learn everything that we have found out during the genetic testing. Our role is to provide the tools needed to keep you on track. 

We do this by sharing the study data we have acquired. We explain every step we have taken so that you can continue on your mission to a healthier lifestyle, see the positive effects and maintain your development.  

The knowledge we give you can be good for a long time because it is based on your DNA. 



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