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IBS Dietitian Clinic London


See an Expert IBS Dietitian for Real IBS Relief


For those seeking an IBS clinic in London, it is essential to choose someone proven, qualified and experienced in dealing with common IBS conditions.

association of uk dietitians logoRachel Clarkson is a private dietitian based at London’s Harley Street.


She is a member of the British Dietitian Association and registered with the Health Care Professional Council – as with all members she is regulated by law and an ethical code to ensure she always works to the highest standard.

She also holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science and spent a further two years of training in Dietetics at King’s College developing skills in the treatment of medical conditions such as functional colonic diseases like IBS. She has worked in world-leading hospitals including the Royal Marsden, Imperial College Trust and St Thomas’ Hospital.

This level of qualification and details of Rachel’s experience is relevant as it can be confusing when looking for someone to offer advice, support and treatment for a condition such as irritable bowel syndrome IBS.

As a Registered Dietitian and the founder of The DNA Dietitian practice, Rachel is highly skilled and clinically trained to use evidence-based science to make the best diet recommendations –

This approach guarantees different results from seeing a nutritionist.

 IBS Dietitian or IBS Nutritionist?


trust dietitianThere are many ‘Nutritionists’ out there but unfortunately, it is not a protected term – anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.

You could set yourself up as a ‘nutritionist’ in London right now offering nutrition advice!

Many nutritionists have of course undergone training but the levels vary greatly. There are online courses that last a few days and are virtually impossible to fail; there are also Masters degrees and PHDs, clearly the level of skill and experience learnt is in no way comparable.

A nutritionist is only able to work with healthy people, the aim to remain healthy through nutrition and prevent the onset of conditions and diseases with nutritional advice.

A Registered Dietitian is qualified to work with people who have medical conditions like ibs. To work as part of a team with doctors and specialists to create a diet plan that works in the patient’s best interests.

A registered dietitian has also been through four years of clinical training or studied to Masters level.

This is why for anyone suffering from IBS in London, it is essential to seek the advice, support and help of a registered London dietitian rather than a nutritionistyou are getting guaranteed science and evidence-based advice about ibs symptoms and their relief.

Why Choose The DNA Dietitian For IBS Treatment and Advice in London?


rachel clarkson dna dietitianRachel is amply qualified to expertly assess, diagnose and treat irritable bowel syndrome.  She has improved digestive and stomach problems for many patients in London. Consultation can be conducted in person, or via video link according to your preference. Often, first line dietary advice is sufficient to reduce IBS pain. But Rachel can also help you exclude high fermentable carbohydrates (using the low FODMAP diet). This helps to determine which foods need to be excluded from your diet so you can go back to eating food normally without irritable bowel symptoms like bloating and stomach pain.

Life-enhancing Ibs treatment


The difference made to your IBS can be truly life enhancing.

The abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating associated with IBS being removed, so too the mental concerns of having to deal with a stressful digestive condition.

You can get a sense of Rachel and her ethos by watching this short introductory video.

Please also feel free to ask any questions through Rachel’s Contact Form.

Many dietitians are highly qualified. Getting a sense of your consultant therefore is key too. This is best done by looking at customer reviews.

What have previous patients said? In Rachel’s case, the reviews are universally superb, on the Doctify site all her reviews are for the full Five Stars.

This is because Rachel has a genuine concern for helping others through dietary advice and remedying the poor advice and guidance that often gets given.

 Customer Testimonials for IBS Treatment


Verified patients have had this to say about treatment at Rachel’s London clinic.

Patient 1: ” IBS Symptom Free”

Miss Clarkson has been supporting me with my digestive issues for 6 weeks now with dietary advice and I’m now symptom free.

Her expert opinion has been greatly appreciated.

Patient 2: ” I honestly cannot thank her enough”

After suffering from digestive issues and IBS for the past 2 years and following many different highly restrictive diets from nutritionists, Rachel used her scientific methods to identify what foods were causing my awful symptoms. I now eat a balanced diet with only a few restrictions – I honestly cannot thank her enough!!..My quality of life has drastically improved

Patient 3: Transformed attitude to food, improved lifestyle

Rachel is an attentive, patient dietitian whose genuine care for her patients shines through with every appointment.

She has changed not only my gut health but overall well being, mindset and attitude towards food. Couldn’t recommend her more!

Improving Health and Mindset


Rachel has worked with those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome ibs to not only remove chronic symptoms of that condition like pain in the lower body, bloating, heartburn, cramping, abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhoea or constipation.

But also, through that work, improve their overall health, mindset and quality of life.

One change in diet can make a huge difference to your digestive health.

Please take the time to have a look around this site and also look at Rachel’s YouTube channel and blog for further information.

15% off the first consultation

Now is also the time to take advantage of an offer for 15% off your first consultation.

Please Contact Rachel today and start on the road to making IBS health issues like bloating a thing of your past.


About IBS



 Irritable bowel syndrome ibs is a bowel disorder that has a number of characteristics which people suffer from of varying intensity. It is not to be confused with inflammatory bowel disease.

Symptoms can be abdominal pains and cramps, discomfort, bloating and change in bowel habits towards constipation or diarrhoea.

There is often no clear and detectable cause of the condition yet the discomfort for suffers is all too real. Stress may well exacerbate the condition. 

Location of The Clinic


Rachel’s clinic is based in London’s Harley Street.

Harley Street is famed throughout the world for its prestigious medical treatments and is conveniently located to many famous places of interest like Madame Tussauds, Regents Park, Hyde Park and The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Rachel treats patients from all across the capital and people outside too. See below for directions from London’s main train stations

Directions from Euston Station 

Directions from King’s Cross St Pancras Station 

Directions from Paddington Station 

Directions from Victoria 

Directions from Waterloo 

Directions from Liverpool Street 

Directions from London Bridge

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