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Online Weight Loss Coaching


Working with a dietitian, using video calls, it is possible for you to get high-quality weight loss coaching online in the UK that will help you achieve your health aims.

Dietitians have traditionally worked face-to-face with clients, however the advancement of technology coupled with the current unsuitability of unnecessary personal contact during Covid-19 has seen growth in virtual weight loss appointments.

Reassuringly, this still provides the same level of dietary advice to any client with weight loss aims. Dietitians are highly qualified with their weight loss advice science-based. As long as they know your aims and have access to any required health information they can create a bespoke weight loss diet plan. The delivery method – in person, or online – is ultimately increasingly irrelevant.

Who to choose as Your Weight Loss Coach?

A key decision to be made is which type of practitioner you want weight loss advice from – often this will boil down to a nutritionist or a dietitian.

The two terms are in fact very different. Dietitian is a protected term, anyone using this term is highly qualified, typically to Masters level and beyond, and they are accountable to their professional body. Dietitians work with other medical professionals, their advice and plan designed to work with any other relevant health information.

Nutritionist offers no such protection; anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Which is crazy considering the title can be given to a highly qualified PhD researcher in Nutrition to someone who took a short online course! If you want to distinguish between the two – probably best to look for a ‘Registered Nutritionist’ by ‘The Association for Nutrition’!

As such, when looking for online dieting coaching only a dietitian offers scientific advice that will factor in a patient’s overall health needs if they have a preexisting disease. Unfortunately, a nutritionist could pass off any fad or unproven weight loss technique as a sound idea.

Losing Weight Online with a Coach – The Process

Typically, there would be an introductory conversation – this could be in the form of an obligation-free initial chat, a chance for you to see if the dietitian you are speaking to seems right for your goals.

What then is required is a sharing of information – your aims, your current eating habits and of course information such as any food intolerances –  the dietitian can also liaise with other health professionals as required.

The dietitian is building a picture of you and when they have all the information will create a dietary plan suitable for your losing weight aims, but also one that is realistic and fits in with your lifestyle.

This should even factor in likes and dislikes – there is no point creating a plan high in certain food stuffs that the person will then simply fail to adhere to.

Ideally, it works as a partnership – a full, honest disclosure from the client so that the dietician can then create the perfect weight loss plan.

Adjustments can then be made and progress tracked – depending on progress it may also be suitable to set new goals or work with the dietitian to further refine the diet.

A Weight Loss Plan Based on Your Genetics

While all dietitians are highly qualified and offer a superb service, a few take this further by utilising latest scientific developments to deliver truly bespoke plans based on your genetics.

This advancement is called Nutrigenomics and it looks at the link between genes, nutrition and health, it builds on the established knowledge that people respond differently to foods – one obvious example being intolerances to lactose and gluten.

Looked at in greater detail for an individual, this helps us to see how any patient would respond to a diet and so tailor the advice specifically to them.

The end result is a plan of unmatched detail and also a new understanding of how your body reacts to different forms of nutrition.

The sample report linked to above demonstrates this degree of information. The patient receiving this would learn the levels of each nutrient their body requires and also discover things about their own health – the person in this sample has a high risk for gluten intolerance but they also have a natural advantage in stamina sports.

You would, of course, not simply be left to work out what all this information means, the dietitian would explain how it has informed their dietary plan.

The combination of Nutrigenomics through a highly-trained, specialised dietitian ensures you receive weight loss coaching that is truly tailored to both your aims and your body.

Why Consider Rachel Clarkson as Your Online Dietary Advisor ?

There are many fine dietitians in the UK, so why consider Rachel?

Rachel, known as The DNA Dietitian is an expert in Nutrigenomics, and a leading and innovative UK dietitian who offers a degree of personalisation few can match.

Her reviews are universally five stars and the most recent testimonial (at the time of writing) says this of her ability to help a client with weight loss:

“Rachel is super knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. She has a true passion for helping people. Trying to change bad eating habits is not fun but Rachel’s calming and supportive attitude really helped. She gave me lots of advise throughout our sessions but also let me find my own path which I thought was very important.

“I now have the tools to understand my body and to adjust my diet based on my needs. I really want to thank Rachel for everything I learnt with her. I feel that now my food intake is more balanced and healthier than it has ever been.”

You can also find out for free if Rachel is the dietitian for you – simply book in a free 15-minute discovery call.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact via our online form.

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