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Dietitian online


The DNA Dietitian online service brings the best in nutrition and dietary health advice into the comfort of your own home, so your dietary requirements need not suffer if you’re unable to attend a clinic in person. Any dietician website can offer health advice but with The DNA Dietitian, clients receive personalised plans tailored to their nutritional biochemistry, genetics and physiology.

With a dietitian online, you could change your body’s nutrition and achieve your health or weight loss goals for good. No matter where you’re based, The DNA Dietitian can offer online appointments and provide the same, highest level of care that you would receive in person.

BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION and discover how dietitian online services could benefit you.

For more information call 020 7126 7101. 

The DNA Dietitian, Rachel Clarkson, operates from 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF.

Online dietician services

Based out of Harley Street, the DNA Dietitian clinic is pleased to offer the best in dietary advice completely remotely to online patients. Clients enjoy the benefits of receiving personalised advice and an approach rooted in science and research. Each client’s full medical history is taken into consideration and the client is able to enjoy open and honest conversations with a dietitian they can trust, all from the comfort of their own home. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dieting and nutrition, that’s why using a personalised online dietitian service is a recommended way to achieve your dietary goals be it weight loss, relief from medical conditions, or simply to lead a more fulfilling and energised lifestyle. 

How can an online dietitian help me?

There are many reasons to seek guidance from a dietitian online. Experienced and professional dietitians are able to provide the same level of service online as they would be able to in person. 

  • Receive scientifically-proven plans to help you achieve your goals and benefit your health
  • Improve energy, sleep, mood, memory, gut health, immune system and concentration and reduce your risk of disease
  • Overcome barriers to weight loss and see permanent results
  • Eating correctly for your body can help to reduce bloating and fatigue
  • Optimise your performance in both personal and professional settings
  • Improve chances of pregnancy
  • Support your body in dealing with a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce symptoms such as bloating, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea.

For a no-obligation, complimentary consultation, please fill out the contact form or call 020 7126 7101.

Best online dietician for you

Some people may be put off by the thought of using an online dietitian service, however there’s no reason to expect that accessing guidance online in a personalised way will be more scaled back than the traditional in-person service. 

Online clients will enjoy the same level of expertise and care with a skilled dietitian, who takes the time to understand the patient’s medical history, nutritional goals and health concerns. Being honest with your dietitian about your lifestyle – your eating habits and how active you are, will provide the best foundations for beginning a potentially life-changing plan.

About The DNA Dietitian online

Online appointments with Rachel Clarkson – the board-certified nutrigenomic dietitian behind the DNA Dietitian, are every bit as effective as attending the clinic in person. Rachel is expertly qualified, with years of clinical experience behind her. She uses practices rooted in science to make dietary recommendations that work in harmony with the body.

Rachel’s goal is to help as many people as possible discover the value of choosing the right nutrition, based on science and tailored to DNA. This makes all of Rachel’s relationships with her clients unique, which is why she enjoys so much success in helping others to achieve their dietary goals.

By choosing the DNA Dietitian online, clients get to understand how to fuel their bodies for the inside and outside. Rachel’s extensive training into nutrition and genetics makes her perfectly qualified to craft individual, personalised dietary plans and advice for each of her clients. 

Rachel has featured in the Guardian, Womens Health, Tatler, BBC, Cosmopolitan and Grazia among other popular media outlets, and her extensive work and research in science is what underpins her expertise as a leading DNA Dietitian.  

For more information about online dietician services, please contact the clinic for a complimentary consultation. 

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The DNA Dietitian
10 Harley Street

020 7126 7101

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